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Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown 08/09 by Lynda D Brown | Books Podcasts

The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown 08/09 by Lynda D Brown | Books Podcasts: Meet author Gary W. Moore. Gary is stopping by the Author Chat show to discuss his book, The Final Service. About the book: A daughter's love for her veteran father deteriorated into anger and bitterness as she grew older and he became less attentive, drank too much, and failed in several ventures. When he dies of cancer after her fortieth birthday, she sheds no tears.

A mysterious young man shows up repeatedly at the barn and offers to help her. All he does is talk, but his views on the purpose of life and his surprising insights about her father and their relationship slowly begin to change her attitude. When she discovers revealing things her father left behind, and learns that his behavior was the result of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), her love for him is restored and she is transformed. But who was the mysterious young man?

 The Final Service, by author Gary W. Moore, publisher Savas Beatie LLC, released May 17. The book is being made into a major motion picture and is scheduled to go into production later this year. About the author: America's Storyteller!' Gary W. Moore is known worldwide as an inspirational and motivational speaker of choice, successful entrepreneur, accomplished musician and award winning and critically acclaimed author.

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